DWP Energy Solutions, LLC

Engineering A Sustainable World

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What We Do

What We Do

DWP Energy Solutions LLC is a small company located in the Pacific Northwest that focuses on
developing renewable energy to power todays agriculture and water conservation initiatives. At DWP
we believe it is our responsibility to do all we can to make the world a cleaner place for generations to
come. The company was founded by Dr. Wei Pan in 2017 after his tenure at Sharp Labs of America.
Since its inception, DWP Energy Solutions has developed multiple renewable energy platforms with
increasing commercial interest.

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DWP Energy Solutions –Solar Energy Systems for Agriculture and Clean Water

Dr. Wei Pan, CEO
61 patents
20+ years in magnetic materials, opto-electronics, PV
Co-PI of 2 DOE ARPA-E projects

Dr. Hao-Chih Yuan, R&D Manager
11 patents
12 years in PV, semiconductor materials and electronics

Mr. Mike Frasier, Senior Engineer
20+ years in PV and micro-electronics testing

Collaborator –NorConTechnologies

Dr. Robert Norwood, CEO
Professor, U. of Arizona, College of Optical Science
Fellow of the Optical Society of America, the International Society of Optics & Photonics



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