High Efficiency PV

This project integrates novel optical design, high efficiency concentrating photovoltaic cells (CPV), and bifacial 1-sun solar panels to capture both direct and diffuse sunlight as well as albedo, particularly in low DNI regions.  In the present concept, an array of acylindric or linear Fresnel lenses captures and concentrates direct sunlight to a line focus and then couples it into a horizontal waveguide.  The waveguide further concentrates this light onto high-performance III-V CPV cells which are mounted on a transparent backplane attached to an underlying bifacial 1-sun panel collecting diffuse sunlight both from the sky and the ground.  The entire assembly is mounted on a 2-axis tracker for optimum collection of sunlight throughout the day and year.  Initial optical analysis indicates that >30% total efficiency can be achieved in a thin, flat plate form factor.  Furthermore, sheet configuration enables low cost mass production analogous to that of current LCD panel fabrication, thus satisfying the overall program objective of large-scale expansion of the market for an entirely new class of micro-scale CPV solar panels.