About Us

DWP Energy Solutions is a technology concentrated start-up formed by former scientists and engineers of Sharp Labs of America.  We focus on energy harvesting and storage technologies, providing our customers with an integrated and innovative solution. 

The founder, Dr. Wei Pan has extensive industrial engineering expertise and R&D experience in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, optics, and battery fields. He is the PI for two ARPA-E projects on solar systems development, with a total of $7M in budget. He also led a team in developing and commercializing innovative sodium-ion battery for energy storage application. He holds more than 59 US and international patents in various fields.

We are developing Agri-Solar solutions for greenhouse farming to benefit the grower with extra income from electricity generation. Along with our collaborative partners, the Solar Water Desalination demo module has been doing water treatment continuously for 7 months now. Recently, DWP is collaborating with SYL Battery Company to marketing commercial and industrial battery energy storage systems. Thus, we can provide a complete solution for our customers from energy harvest to energy storage.

We looking forward to providing you with a solution that fits your needs.

The DWP Team


At DWP we believe it is our responsibility to maintain a clean environment for generations to come. Our mission is to develop innovative technologies to address climate change, preserve our lifestyle, and minimize the environmental impact caused by excessive development.


Population growth and urbanization in the coming decades creates a huge demand for food, water, and energy consumption.  We must develop innovative technologies to meet the demand while minimizing energy and land use, environmental degradation, and global climate change.