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Jan. 2021 – Established business connection with SYL Battery company for marketing and sales and service for their industry and commercial battery energy storage systems in the North American energy storage market.

Feb. 2021 – The Solar Water Desalination system reached the first 120 days, and counting, of continuous operation with full water treatment capabilities. System optimization is continued with a target of energy efficiency and expanding heat storage capability. The next development goal surrounding this system is to realize zero-liquid-discharge.

Nov. 2019 – Delivered two Agri–Solar demo modules to a solar developer for evaluation. Evaluation results met the designed targets and customer expectations.

June 2019 – the Hybrid Solar Collector comes together for its first application dedicated to driving a waste-water treatment system. Heat is used for membrane distillation and electricity is used to facilitate the whole treatment system. Thanks to ARPA-e and the University of Arizona for the contentious support,

Feb. 2019 – The first round of American Made Solar Challenge finalist:

June 2017 – Received DOE contracts as the Co-PI to continue developing hybrid solar collector (FOCUS) as well high efficiency CPV panels (MOSAIC).

Jan. 2017 – Company established by former scientist and engineers from Sharp Labs of America.